Jazz 2-5-1 Volume 02 Bebop (ii-V-I-VI)

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“This is the 2-5-1 most bebop players prefer”

This play-along practice media is for jazz musicians studying the Bebop variant 2-5-1 (ii-V-I), normally preceded by a MAJOR submediant (usually VI7 or VI7(b9). All chords contain extensions and are played in a standard song format, (I Maj7-vi7-ii7-V7), and repeats. This creates the most popular 6-2-5-1 chord progression seen in Bebop jazz. Because the submediant is Major, we add a 7th with occasional 7th b9 (flat-9) so you can explore the Bebop Dominant 7th and Half-Whole Diminished scales, two necessary scales for every advancing jazz musician!


  • Easy swing tempo of 140 beats per minute, nothing flies by too fast, giving you a chance to use difficult scale/tone choices.
  • All tracks repeat the progression several times and are nearly 5:00 minutes long so you can dig in and practice at length. No difficult melody to study, just the chords played by a jazz combo so you can focus on your improvisation skills.
  • Combo consists of standard bebop instrumentation: Piano, Upright Bass and Drums.
  • 15 tracks include every standard Major key (no flats/sharps to 7 flats/sharps).

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