Jazz 2-5-1 Volume 03 Minor (ii-V-i)

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“Serious jazz musicians should learn this classic minor progression.”

Practice the minor 2-5-1 in the form of  iim7(b5)-V7(b9)-i7.  This form is quite popular and prevalent in classic jazz, a necessary study for any serious jazz musician.  If you ever wondered where to use the Locrian scale, here you go!  The iim7(b5) is the perfect place to employ Locrian tonality.  The V7 alternating with V7(b9) is perfect for Bebop Mixolydian and Half-Whole diminished.  The i7 allows you to experiment with several minor choices for the ultimate freedom of expression.  Practice and enjoy this beautiful progression.


  • 15 tracks representing every minor key from zero flats/sharps to 7 flats/sharps.
  • Easy tempo of 140 bpm so nothing goes by too fast.
  • Chord progression repeats over 170 times so you can really dig in and practice.
  • No melody or head to learn – just jump in and start improvising.
  • Each track nearly 5 minutes long.

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