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Easy Classical for Beginners

EmilyThomas EZClassFront Easy Classical For Beginners Audio Cover

“Great job on the book, Easy Classical for Beginners.  I love it!  I can use this with students for violin, flute, clarinet and even tuba!  I love the orchestral accompaniments!  So beautiful.”

–Emily Thomas, Owner of Ms. Em’s Music, Flutist, IMDb Actress, The Juilliard School, M.M.

 EZClassFront Easy Classical For Beginners Audio Cover

“Thanks you so much for the book and sound files (Orchestral Backing Tracks).  I played and enjoyed them.  The tracks are great and will be a motivator for kids to learn.  I look forward to using your book at school next year.”

–Fred Eyrich, Jr., Trumpet player, Instrumental Music Director at Jenkintown School District, Pennsylvania.

EZClassFront Easy Classical For Beginners Audio Cover

“I think it’s fantastic.  The printing and song selections are perfect for a classical introduction.  It covers a lot of variations in classical literature if not top favorites.  A fine work.”

–Fred Boswell, Trumpet player, Music Director at Bay Wind Community Band, Panama City Florida.  Retired US Army Bandsman.

Jazz Improvisation Fundamentals

“This book is seriously good.  Especially page 33; you spell it out as simple as pie – Step 1, Step 2, Step 3.  This method is quite approachable, and not at all intimidating.  It’s not scary for a young person.  It’s not like they have to work at it for 20 years before they try this on-stage.  It’s perfect for less-experienced players!   Step-3 in the book is so good; it demonstrates to any musician that they CAN do this!”

–Bryan Felt, Trumpet player, Former T & P judge, Show Coordinator for Michigan Competitive Band Association, Former US Army Bandsman

Major and Minor Scale with Chords and Patterns


“This has to be one of the best study books that I have come across!   It is a great complimentary accompaniment for your everyday scales practice. Not only does it help you to better understand the relationship between the related scales and chord sequences, it is full of ascending and descending sequences that are fantastic for improving your technique.   This book would be a fantastic present.”

Jade Gall, Saxophonist, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, M.M.

“I am confident that this book will help me improve as a guitarist and improviser.”

BentonRobbins MMS

–Benton Robbins, Jazz Guitarist, founder of Swing Theory Jazz Ensemble, (Birmingham, AL)

 Scales A La Mode

EmilyThomas SalM

“Fantastic book for the beginning jazz improviser. “The writing style is clear and accessible for even an entry-level player”. This is a practical way to dive into the world of improv.”

–Emily Thomas, Owner of Ms. Em’s Music, Flutist/IMDb Actress, The Juilliard School, M.M.


“Attention Jazz Band Directors: This is the book you need for your students…”

–Frank Kosmaceski, Retired High School Band Director & Retired US Army Bandsman (SFC), Saxophonist.


“This is a great text for players wanting to learn how to use the building blocks of improvisation. “The material is presented in a “working man’s” perspective adding just enough theory to keep it practical. The practice tips are fantastic, I use them myself!”

–1SG Glenn Brown(ret.), 1st Cavalry Division Band, Trumpet Player, Berklee College of Music, B.M. Arranging.


“I’m impressed. You have explained things in very simple, understandable terms. Your book was a lot of fun.”

–Gary Van Horn, Retired High School Band Director, West Chester University, B.S. (Music Ed)

 JohnGebhart SalM

“I am a working musician and play regularly but always look for new practice methods. Ken’s idea here is great and is a great tool to hone your chops. I give it a thumbs up and you will too!”

–John Gebhart, Piano & Vocals for Chico’s Vibe.

ClaytonDodd SalM

“The next time I pull off a decent ride, I’ll think of you. I’m not blowing any sunshine when I say that it’s a great book and I have recommended it to several cohorts.”

–Clayton Dodd, Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter