Scales A La Mode

An Introduction To Modal Improvisation

“If you are still struggling with modal improvisation, read this book!”


8.5″x11″ 106 total pages, not including covers
Format  Perfect-Bound Paperback

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This book is for the new or advancing jazz musician learning to improvise using the seven major modes over the appropriate chords. Book also contains improvisation basics and modal practice songs. All songs and most exercises are written out to seven flats and sharps.

CLICK HERE for Free Play-Alongs for the Modal Practice Songs in the book!

The free Modal Play-alongs for this book are in Video format, currently on Youtube.  This is great because you get video prompting to help keep track of where you are in the chord progression, whereas with just a CD or MP3, you wouldn’t get that benefit.  Try it, we think you will like it!

Please click the video below and it will lead you to the rest of the play-alongs in every key you wish to practice.  The video shows the old cover.  Don’t let that throw you, it’s still Scales A La Mode!


“Fantastic book for the beginning jazz improviser. This book is for someone who can play their instrument, but is not familiar with modes or jazz. It is very hands-on and user friendly. This book will also serve as a guide when using a fake book or The Real Book. This is a practical way to dive into the world of improv.”

–Emily Thomas, Owner of Ms. Em’s Music, Flutist, IMDb Actress, The Juilliard School, M.M.

“I’m impressed.  You have explained things in very simple, understandable terms.  Your book was a lot of fun.”

–Gary Van Horn, Retired Band Director, West Chester University, B.S. (Music Ed)

“This is a great text for players wanting to learn how to use the building blocks of improvisation.  The material is presented in a “working man’s” perspective adding just enough theory to keep it practical.  The practice tips (page 24) are fantastic, I use them myself!  They allow the player to apply the information in an immediate and relevant manner.  Great work Ken!”

–1SG Glenn Brown, US Army Enlisted Bandleader, Trumpet Player, Berklee College of Music, B.M. Arranging.


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Watch one of the free companion Play-Along videos, we think you will like it!