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When you want to practice a blues shuffle, a plain old metronome won’t cut it.    You need our Blues Shuffle Metronome, a play-along media with a drummer driving an authentic blues shuffle.  There are fourteen (14) tracks from tempos of 60 bpm (beats per minute) up to a smoking 190 bpm.  Start out slow and work up to killer tempos.  So next time the drummer can’t make rehearsal, no sweat!  Just use our Blues Shuffle Metronome!


  • 14 authentic drum tracks performing blues shuffles.
  • Each track is a standard 12-bars long, perfect for blues practice.
  • Each track is nearly five minutes long so you can dig in and practice.
  • Tempos range from a crawling 60 bpm up to a smoking 190 bpm.
  • Each tempo increments by 10 bpm (60, 70, 80, 90, etc. up to 190).
  • Sounds great when run through your amp!
  • It’s way more fun jamming with a drummer than a plain old metronome!

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